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Scratchgravels are Ready...

Spring has been a long time coming and many riders are itching to get some trail under their tires. The Scratchgravels are one of the first places to clear and true to form they are ready to ride.

Reminder : The Unravel the Scratchgravel XC mountain bike race is May 6th. Save $10 by Registering Before May 2nd!

Although the Scratchgravels are exceptionally quick to dry there are still a few spots with snow or even some soft dirt/mud (mostly on the northern aspects or in the shade of trees). Use common sense and avoid creating tracks in these areas. That said, the majority of the trails are in rare tacky form that shouldn't be missed.


USRG Course in Great Shape

During a quick lap this morning it seems the majority of the URSG course has emerged from the long winter in excellent condition. For those few areas that could use a little extra attention HUC team members and volunteers will be out in force to clear the rough edges and get things ready for the race in 3 short weeks.

2018 URSG Race Flyer
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