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Whiskey Race Report by Joe

It was great to be racing in my old town. Seemed like yesterday, I was riding my Cannondale V700 around these trails. The trail system in Prescott, AZ has exploded.

Whiskey 50 was a great event. 1600 riders, 175 in my division. I was hoping to get close to 4 hours. My time was 4:30. Nothing impressive, but feel blessed to ride these events. Over 7K of climbing.
Joe12:06 PM

No excuses, but lesson learned. Ride your bike hard 3-5 times after the bike mechanics adjust and replace cables. Otherwise, you may not have all your gears in a race. I was passed by dozens, because I was spinning 135 cadence on the flats and estimate I lost 10 minutes or so because of this.

It was even better riding with my team mate Ira (who performed exceptional). Also my first race with a new kit. It was better yet, coming across the finish line with my family cheering for me.

This is a great event, not only for the racing, but to watch the pros, listen to music, visit the vendors, and drink beer.

I can't wait for more team photos from all of those on our team that participate in racing/rides this year.