Bear Mouth Road Race Report by Cody




Bearmouth Road Race May 19th 2018
With only a couple of road races in Montana a year there was no stopping Helena United Cycling members Jerin, Jaime, Joe and I. Come Hell or high water, in fact we got a taste of both. Once through the fog and over the snowy conditions being released on top of Mc Pass all of us were preparing in our minds for the worst in Drummond. In fact, Joe Edwards did just happen to experience it first hand, thanks for the pic Joe. Anyways, the drive was uneventful except the crazy high waters of the Little Blackfoot River. In Drummond the weather started turning for the better and many riders including HUC over-layered. Open Men’s Cat 1 – 5 took off at a reasonable pace, fast but not too fast. However, with so many categories in one group crashes were bound to happen. Soon there came a loud obscenity from the back of the pack starting with a capital “F” and a bone crunching thud. Pro tip: this is when you work your hardest to stay safe at the front even if that means blowing up later.
The wind was high and would be in our faces all the way back into Drummond until we took off and up Hwy 271 towards Helmville. This canyon was beautiful with limestone cliffs, birds, and a creek at the bottom. This made it even more difficult to stay focused on keeping pace with the fast group. Eventually riders where popping off the back, myself included. Helena United Cycling members put in a great effort. Joe Hamilton completed the full 71 miles and 3,300ft of climbing. While the rest of us decided at the top of the Hwy 271 climb to flip around and compete in the 51 mile race. So happy we did because Jerin ended up taking 1st in the women’s Cat 4/5 race and I took 2nd in the Men’s Cat 4/5 race. Helena United Cycling making a great start to the to the beginning of the spring/summer cycling season.