A Community of Cyclists

The purpose of the Helena United Cycling (HUC) Team is to include, inspire and promote our local competitive and non competitive athletes throughout Montana and nationwide. The members of the HUC Team strive to create an inclusive, enjoyable, competitive and well coordinated racing program for all levels and ages. This team is about establishing life long relationships with each other where we can all share the love we have for cycling.

Team members enjoy race support, team clothing, team training and group rides. As such, team members are encouraged to always train and race in their Helena United Cycling Kit to promote awareness of and support for the team. HUC Members will also give back to each other by coaching new riders and participating in club events.

The Team meets the second Tuesday of every month. Helena United Cycling has several levels of membership from community support, causal riders, and dedicated racers.

Robert Ray, President

Robert is enthusiastic about most active non-motorized outdoor sports. From backpacking and mountaineering (climbed 73 of the top 100 highest peaks in Colorado), to whitewater canoeing and rafting (rafted my own boat through the Grand Canyon 3 times), to Nordic (both classic and freestyle) and telemark skiing, to trail running and cycling. Robert is a "dyed-in-the-wool" road bike rider, having road raced since the mid-eighties in Colorado and before that in New Mexico. The Iron Horse Classic in Durango, the Mount Evans Hill climb, the High Uintas Classic (from Camas Utah to Evanston Wyoming, actually a 3-stage race), plus the Dead Dog Classic in Laramie (also a 3-stage race), were some of his favorite races. Robert is a category 3 road rider, but occasionally get out on my mountain bike, and commute regularly on a crossbike. My fastest days are well behind me, but I still love to go fast.

Joe Hamilton, Vice President

Joe Hamilton is the Vice President and race director for the Helena United Cycling team.

Joe is super excited about the team and looks forward to working towards the goal of growing HUC to represent Helena, Montana in competitive/non-competitive team events
Joe has been a Cat 1 Mtn. and Cat 3 road racer, and recently graduated to masters. Joe has participated in most of Montana’s USA Cycling Sanctioned events over the past 10 years as well as several national level marathon races. Joe is a USA Cycling certified coach and has been fortunate enough to be coached by many awesome coaches and physical trainers. https://helenaunitedcycling.com/training/
Joe's other pursuits, when not riding a bike, include skate skiing, fly fishing and backpacking.
Joe is a data geek and loves to play with power meters and read power profiles.
Joe's personal goal is to share knowledge and experience to help team members meet their own athletic and personal fitness goals.

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